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Looking for a more affordable, more fun mode of transport? Buying a golf cart is the solution. At Rhinnie's Golf Carts & Paint Sprayers Sales & Repairs, we sell new and used golf carts of all makes and models to fit any budget. We can also customize your cart to give it a personal touch. Plus, we'll deliver it right to your door.

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What makes golf carts a smart buy?

What makes golf carts a smart buy?

Think owning a golf cart is a luxury you can't afford? Think again. Buying a golf cart can actually save you money on:

Repairs-Repairing and servicing a golf cart is much cheaper than dealing with car maintenance.
Fuel-since most golf carts run on batteries, you'll spend far less on fuel as compared to a car.
Activities-Taking a leisurely drive around town or embarking on an off-road adventure costs less than spending an afternoon at the movies or an amusement park.

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